Hébergement Web, courriel et SSL gratuits

With each domain name registration or transfer, a gift for your new beginning!

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Hébergement Web, courriel et SSL gratuits

The free Web Hosting package of AegeanHost ‘is completely free for every Domain you have at aegeanhost.fr , at no additional cost, and without ads!

DNS gratuit

(Α) IPv4 Address Record
(AAAA) IPv6 Address Record
(MX) Mail Exchanger Record
CNAME) Canonical Name Record
(TEXT) Text Record
(NS) Name Server Record

Features of the Free Web Hosting Package


Caractéristiques standard

  • Plesk obsidian
  • Disk space:200Mb
  • Monthly Traffic:1.5GB
  • Hosting Sites: 1
  • Ftp account: 1
  • Email account: 1
  • Usage statistics via Control Panel
  • SSL gratuit

Détails techniques

  • Serveurs Pure NVMe ultra rapides
  • Mod Security
  • Solutions anti-spam
  • HTTP/2 et ALPN supportés
  • Détection et suppression automatiques des logiciels malveillants
  • PHP:Selector PHP 5.6 – PHP 7.4 και PHP 8.0
  • PHP OPcache
  • MemCached
  • sAccès FTP
  • Access/Error log files
  • Webmail/SMTP/IMAP/POP3

How to get the Free Web Hosting package

After you register or transfer your Nom de domaine with us, fill in the following application for the Free Web Hosting package

Upon receipt of your request, and verification of the information you gave us, you will receive an E-mail with the information to connect to your free Web Hosting package.

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